Mark Boroyan

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Fish Tank Kings is a reality show that follows the mind-blowing world of extreme aquariums. The show's name may belong to the specialists that build the tanks, but the real stars are the exotic fish that live inside. To promote the show's second season, we needed an innovative way to introduce the tiniest reality TV stars ever to the world and raise their profile using the largest platform we could think of. 

That's when we decided to go big—REALLY BIG—with a skyscraper-sized fish tank in Times Square. These fish would be larger than life, at least for a little while. And they would let people get to know them in real-time by answering questions sent to the Twitter hashtag #AskAFish. 

The billboard actually had 12 screens on it and we had to design how each screen would work with the others. We had a great partner crew who implemented the motion of the  billboard and we all experienced the surreal reality of seeing and hearing people respond to our work, and realizing no one knew it was our work. It was one of the most badass feelings I've experienced. It really was an amazing project and this one helped solidify our client relationship and trust. 



visual comps by Kim Miller



We actually ran into the DP and his crew in NYC by chance. He was so curious to how this thing was going to turn out. It was an awesome reunion to see everyone at the actual billboard. Image by Peter Nelson