Mark Boroyan

ux creative director • explorer • maker • farmer •dad


JetBlue wanted to create a page that lived between their drivers (banner, pre-roll,etc.) and the homepage. They decided on a site that contained video's of their mascot bird, Shoo, who contemplated humans and their behavior. We partnered with Funny Or Die to create the spots.

I conducted usability testing with 11 participants around the Central Perch experience using a paper prototype. The test was focused on the navigation and also captured some results around the functionality of the content. We tested desktop and tablet versions of the site. Navigation is the same on vertical orientations for tablet and mobile, therefore the findings apply to both tablet and mobile. 

Documentation I made for this included test scripts, set up questions, task questions, scribe template, research brief, observer form, end of session questions, and our findings document.


Before the idea of a video player site, and before the partnership with Funny Or Die, I explored how an interstitial page, between the drivers and the homepage, would make the transition smooth. The idea was to use visual cues from the drivers and blend it with the features of the homepage.